Meeting Andrea has quite simply been a life changing experience for me. I had no confidence in myself and very low self esteem when we first met. Since meeting Andrea my confidence has soared, I feel I have blossomed into someone I am really happy to be (blossoming in my thirties is something I never thought possible). As my confidence increased so did my decision making which enabled me to move forward with my life. Andrea has the ability to see the whole person not just what I was willing to show her. She is remarkably intuitive and perceptive. She is so calm, patient and responsive. Her ongoing support is invaluable. Andrea consistently provides fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. I can enthusiastically recommend Andrea to anyone who needs clarity and help with any situation in life that is holding them back.


I was suffering with debilitating painful migraines which were just unmanageable. I was having to inject myself with painkillers as they were so bad. When they were at their worst I could not get out of bed for three days. I lived in fear of them and had no life, unable to book a holiday or any social events in case one came. I had to stop work and put my life on hold. Gradually with the help of Andrea who was able to find the source of the problem and cause for me, I now rarely get a migraine and can live my life again. I have been on three holidays this year to celebrate my 50th Birthday and have a new job which I love.


I was really suffering with hormonal and menopausal problems, which were having such an impact on my life and stopping me from being able to go out and do things. The anxiety and hot flushes were horrendous and I was thinking I would have to stop working. With the help of the “Quantum Scio” machine which was able to test my hormones and Homeopathy I can honestly say I have never felt better. Thank you so much.


Since the recent loss of my mother I have been feeling so depressed and just not able to get on with things. I just felt tearful and angry all the time. With the help of the machine, supplements, Homeopathy and a few changes I feel so much better, my bad back has even gone which I thought I would have to put up with forever – I really am glad to have found you Andrea, and will be recommending a couple of friends to you.


I was suffering really badly with anxiety and IBS. I had been to my doctor over several years who has been unable to help me with the problem. With your help, Andrea and Homeopathy alongside the Quantum Scio, we were able to pinpoint the problems. I now have my life back and cannot tell you what a relief it is to be able to go out again. Thank you so much.


Josh had asthma from when he was a year old. Sometimes when he got quite bad with it he would get an eczema flare up, causing him to become very agitated and irritable. It was frightening to see him not being able to breathe properly and wheezy. I have been giving him the remedies required as and when he needs them and gradually he needs them less and less. In fact he hardly ever has the symptoms anymore. Plus, his hay fever has totally cleared too.


Andrea is a very special person who just gets things when you talk to her and understands the whole picture both mentally and physically. Very rare to find someone with these qualities. I recently went through a very difficult time in my life with divorce, bereavement and menopause. I saw Andrea once every three months for three sessions and each time she gave me a prescription that I took away and worked through and would go back amazed at how much better I was feeling. Not just with my emotional symptoms but physically too. I have much more energy and confidence and am feeling better than I have in years. I now see Andrea once a year for a good MOT and check all is well. She provided ongoing care and support always and it was never too much trouble if I needed help with anything or if I was struggling. If you read this and are in two minds whether to try Homeopathy. Please don’t think twice and let Andrea help you. I have recommended many people to see Andrea, all of whom have received excellent results with physical and/or emotional ailments.


Andrea is an amazing intuitive therapist and a genuine and sincere person. Through the use of remedies and her special gifts she has enabled me to release years of suppressed emotions and fears all in a very comfortable and controlled way. She was always there to offer support if I had any questions or needed further reassurance or guidance. With Andrea’s help I have learnt to let go of old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve me. I now have much more confidence and self esteem. Andrea just intuitively knows what is needed to help restore your health and equilibrium and I thoroughly recommend her.


Andrea really helped me because I had severe ulcers on my legs. The nurse was coming daily to treat them but they just weren't healing. A friend told me about Andrea and I really didn't think it would help but I was desperate and would try anything. I only took two Homeopathic remedies and I could not believe it, my ulcers cleared up totally. The nurse treating them was amazed. Thank you Andrea.


My son had a few behavioural problems including anger, irritability and difficulty concentrating. Thank you for your help. Zack is now a different child and I really enjoy him again!


I had no idea what Andrea did but someone told me about how she had helped them with Chronic Fatigue and Exhaustion at a group I regularly attended. A few people had been to see Andrea, all telling me what good results they had got and urged me to see if she could help me.
I went along a bit reluctantly I must admit but thought it was worth a try. Wow, she prescribed some nutritional support and gave me remedies to take when my symptoms were presenting and gradually I worked through the little pills as and when I needed them. My energy levels were a 2/10 and now I can honestly say they are an 8/10. The fog I felt I was stuck in has lifted and I feel clear again. Andrea also helped me understand my symptoms and how to manage them which really helped. Needless to say I am no longer a member of the Chronic Fatigue group and I am singing Andrea’s praises and getting other sufferers to go and see her.


Andrea has been my homeopath for several years ,always professional and able to find solutions for my ailments. I never hesitate to refer my clients to her as I tell them look at me Homeopathy and advice from Pure Guidance keeps me well and in balance mind body and soul


I was recommended to Andrea as I was suffering with bowel issues related to food intolerances.
She was able to pinpoint the foods that were causing me the issues which is what I was looking to achieve but with her help and treatment plan, we healed my bowels and now I can honestly say I can eat what like without any issues.


I came to Andrea about 10 years ago with lots of symptoms and generally not feeling at all well both physically and emotionally. Working together we were able to find the root of my emotional and physical symptoms and working through a treatment plan and seeing Andrea every few months I gradually began to feel much better and made some amazing life changes. I have never felt better and would recommend Andrea to anyone who maybe struggling as she has a way of just understanding what is going on for you and your issues. Like a knife that cuts through butter she helps you see things clearly.


I have been a Fibromyalgia sufferer for many years and with the pain and fatigue I felt like I was just existing! With the help of Homeopathy and nutritional symptoms I can honestly say I have never felt better.


Diagnosed and in crippling pain and undergoing many surgeries for Hormonal problems I was desperate and at a loss as to what to do. I was recommended to Andrea and with the use of Homeopathy and Herbs my symptoms improved and I felt much more in balance and no longer have any of the issues I came with. I like to see Andrea and have an MOT every six months to keep myself healthy and balanced.


Andrea came recommended to me 5 years ago when I needed guidance, support and help to get topside of my health. I was in a vulnerable state and because of Andrea’s help, knowledge, understanding and wisdom with homeopathy (remedies), this was achieved.

Andrea is a kind, gentle, fun Homeopathic Professional and she empowered me to believe in myself, so I can make decisions that are for my best outcome.

I have highly recommended Andrea to family, friends and colleagues and I recommend her to anyone reading this.

 Thank you, Andrea.


Andrea has been helping me with stress and tiredness from over work with the Scio technology and homeopathy. She gave sound advice on coping strategies but it was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer she helped me more than anyone else. Her support, kindness and knowledge kept me going, helping with the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, my recovery and subsequent return to work. I am still taking the remedies, my health is monitored by the Scio technology, I am so grateful to Andrea for helping me through the toughest time of my life. I can whole heartedly recommend her for minor ailments and the dreadful side effects of cancer treatment.



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